Planetary Impacts

21 11 2008

The website SHOWworld allows us to visualise national ecological impacts and military spending for proportional comparison using cartograms. Per capita, the western world dwarfs most of the rest of the world especially Latin America and Africa in both cases. Despite this military power, we are told to fear the threat of terrorist attack and nuclear strike. Check the site for more.


“After dropping following the Cold War, worldwide military spending has grown sharply, driven by U.S. and European reaction to terrorist attacks. The U.S. accounted for nearly half the world total in 2007, while the second largest, the U.K., spent a tenth of the U.S. tally. In some countries, armed forces are more police force or employment program than machines of war.”


“Ecological footprint combines over 4,000 kinds of data to quantify the demand a country puts on the Earth’s resources, measured as a share of the planet’s surface. Worldwide, the average footprint per person is 2.2 hectares – 25% more than the Earth can sustain in the long run. High income regions have a footprint eight times larger than low income regions.”




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