I have created this blog to provide critical comment and connect people to a range of articles/media concerning the practices of the British state and beyond. We live in a weak democratic system that, with its great concentrations of power, is by nature authoritarian.

Obsessed with control, the government lay no decisions in our hands, police oppress us, mass media propagandises us, schools constrain our creativity and condition us for capitalist society, corporations force adverts down our throats and employers undermine our individual autonomy.

This control extends beyond Britain’s national boundaries in the quest for ever-more resources to maintain a pathological addiction to economic growth. Through war and trade,  governments and corporations impose death, marginalisation and environmental destruction.

It ain’t right.



One response

26 12 2008
Richard Cowan

I understand that you are just getting started, and I applaud your efforts, but may I urge you to include the “Drug War” and the suppression of even the medical use of cannabis in your concerns.
Best wishes,
Richard Cowan
Palm Springs, Calif.

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