26 09 2008

This operating system is seriously cool. And its totally free. It cuts Leopard in half. You can have a wicked user interface (even exactly the same as leopard with a bit of loadin and customizin) and ultimate control over your computer’s affairs. Changing things as you please, adding things as you please. It’s loads quicker than windows and you can use “wine”, a piece of software that enables you to run programs written for windows. You may wonder if you can use it with other operating systems, and ye you can – I dual boot with windows xp.

Not everything is perfect but its getting better all the time, new update due late in October. Here’s a couple of screenshots to give you a visual taste.



Open source is freedom. Only if we could have open source political system.

Could this be the anarchist’s choice?

Check it out here: http://www.ubuntu.com. You can just order a cdrom with it on.