Propagandhi – Supporting Caste

17 03 2009

Propagandhi, a punk band from Winnipeg in Canada have just released a new album ‘Supporting Caste’.


From their page:

The band members are known for championing various political causes. They have taken an active stance against human rights violations, racism, homophobia, imperialism, fascism, capitalism and organised religion. The band supports vegan lifestyles, animal rights campaigns and feminism, and have described themselves as “gay positive”.

Propagandhi – Incalculable Effects (download)

Good review of the record here.

Support the band and buy the record here.

They are touring the UK in April.


Watching people, from space!

21 01 2009

GeoEye managed to catch Obama’s inauguration yesterday.



26 09 2008


I’ve started a blog. Woah. In fact this page has existed for about two years. I wanted it to contain pages and pages of political and environmental rants. Guess what? The idea of spending hours researching interesting topics is just too hard when you’re not getting grades or even sure people are going to look at them.

So I’m just going to use this site to spread the word about cool shit and interesting stuff I come accross on the net. To add to the millions of others that do the same. But. Have not had the enjoyment of being filtered by the mass of neurons between my ears.

Add meh to your bookMARX